A special early morning release

So its 5AM…wait why the hell am I still up? Well whatever, here is the final chapter Kanon Honto something something featuring Ayu… A story so overly dramatic that it may just make you barf!

Chapter 06 – Ayu – End

We still have two more extra chapters to release (three if someone wants to help translate the Jap extra chapter). We are currently in the midst of deciding which manga to take on next, but it would be most likely be a joint project with Yakusoku. More details on our next release.

Ah and before I forget, I am planning on re-releasing chapters 1 and 2 (Nayuki’s chapters) in its Tankubon format (possibly Volume 2 as well). I don’t think I’ve done justice to those chapters given that I was still a rather crappy editor back then. Well I still am now, but I would like to think I got better even just a bit…

Well that’s that…
*goes to sleep*


~ by PimpToad on September 27, 2008.