Guess people who are interested in this won’t have to wait God knows how long before we released Volume 1. Without further ado…

Extra 02 – Snow Bunnies

I should really work on this little blog more, but meh I’ll get around to it once we start doing Honey Coming.


~ by PimpToad on October 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Extras?”

  1. so quiet here o.O Thanks for the translations ^^

  2. Heh glad you enjoy them ^_^

    We’ll try to be more active, but not exactly that into the whole “blogosphere” thing o_O

  3. Hi! I can’t find e-mail adress, so I’m writing here… I have a question ^^ I’m from Polish group XD I would like to ask about scans of “Kanon – Honto no Omoi wa Egao no Mukougawa ni”, can We use it, and translate it into Polish? Of course, We will write, it’s from Your site! There is my e-mail adress – mia.group@op.pl I hope, You will reply… ^^ So, I’m waiting!


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