Vin-nii gives green light to Honey Coming

First post on this forum.

Just got around reading the first chapter of Honey Coming: Sweet Love Lessons.

For an eroge adapted, this looks fairly decent. Character design is pretty much like Kanon. However, HC tends to be a bit wordy (well, not like it’s any problem to you guys anyway…)

One thing to look forward to is that the school in the series actually have love lessons, where you learn about love (werid bit interesting, don’t you think?)

Problems encountered while reading…

Vin-nii has to play the “match the romaji names with the correct characters” game. Which might take a while

This is really really, really really wordy

Vin-nii also has to work out and translate those damn chinese idioms that are everywhere *w*

Either way, I’d say yes to Honey Coming. So if all goes well, this will be our second project (after my exams, so maybe starting December or something)


~ by vinnii on October 10, 2008.