Seto no Hanayome?

Yeah we picked up this project randomly thanks to the translating efforts of Shikenshi. Have no clue whether we will stick to this project or not, but we will if a JPN translator is interested in helping us out. Of course extra Editors, Proofreaders, or whatever are always welcome to join us ^_^

Oh yeah still no progress concerning Volume 01 of Kanon…but I’ll get to it…really I will! T_T

With that said, grab Wave 16 (Chapter 16) on the ‘Projects’ archive or just go ahead and click this link here!


~ by PimpToad on October 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Seto no Hanayome?”

  1. thanks so much for the chapter. been waiting for someone to pick this series up (from ch16). <3 x infinity!

  2. YOU ARE A GOOD MAN! i’ve been waiting for someone to translate it for quite some time, this is one of my favorite series! thanks

  3. We’ll try our best to continue releasing ‘high’ quality chapters of SnH to the manga-reading community. Though as I have noted, it would be much appreciated if we can get a JPN translator to help us out with this project.

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