…so about them updates…

Well so I said that we were planning on speeding through Seto no Hanayome. Well we hit a roadblock(s) that prevent us from speeding through the scanlation.

#1 – The Chinese decided that they could skip pages for no reason at all…
#2 – The Toad is hooked on a game… (as in L4D)

So yeah these factors prevent us from speeding through Seto no Hanayome. Our new project, Honey Coming, has also been delayed due to Vin-nii’s exams. Then I’m also focusing more of my editing efforts on Kanon…so yeah things will be delayed here unless we either get a Japanese translator and possibly another editor.

If you read this, somewhat care about it, and have the ability to help us, then please do so!

*small update*
Seto no Hanayome status has been changed to stalled until we manage to find a way around the roadblock (or we’ll wing it), Honey Coming is now active again with most of Vin-nii’s exams out of the way, and the final extra chapter of Kanon (along with Volume 01) in about a month.


~ by PimpToad on November 13, 2008.

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  1. You can download Seto No Hanayome japanese raws at http://www.hanashi.org, but you need account with them. It is free and easy.

  2. Thanks for the tip, but raws are not an issue given that I have volumes 1-11. We do our translations via Chinese scans, as in JPN -> Chinese -> ENG. What we (definitely) need for this project is a JPN translator capable of checking our work as well as filling in gaps in the text. Until then, all we can do is either improvise or delay our release until the gaps are filled.

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