And here comes the trap…

Welcome to the very first edition of “Toad’s List of Excuses As To Why The Chapter Took So Damn Long To Release” or as I would like to call it, “TLEATWTCTSDLTR”.

Coming in at #1!
-Vin-nii had tests…or something?

At #2!
-The Toad bought L4D!

At #3!
-A friend of the Toad let the Toad borrow Fallout 3!

At #4!
-The FH2 team released a new patch of the mod!

And last but certainly not the least, #5!
-The Toad is just plain lazy…!

Oh right this was about Honey Coming…yeah Chapter 02 is done and you can grab it here or you can visit the Honey Coming Projects Page.

Also, Seto no Hanayome will be on hiatus until either (A)Shinkenshi returns from his ‘x’ business or (B)We get another translator to help out on the project. So until then, don’t expect any new SnH releases from us.

With that said, happy reading!


~ by PimpToad on December 14, 2008.

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  1. awwww, lets hope he comes back fast. I’ve heard it’s a pain in the *** to translate so they may be right about it. XD
    Atleast we got one chapter out….only 4 to go untill this vol is over, keep up the good work.

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