Where do you put all of that!?

Welcome to another update of Honey Coming! Today, we present you all with chapter 04! This chapter marks the introduction of all the girls of HC! Pick your poison…

Well as per every new release, you may download it here or visit the Honey Coming project page.

Concerning a comment on Seto no Hanayome, yes we are still working on it. Progress is stalled until we can find a Japanese translator to fill in the gaps left by the Chinese scanlators, who thought it would be wise to skip pages at random. People who download/read our releases should know I’m pretty lazy and haven’t been actively looking for any new translators. So…feel free to send them our way if you know of anyone interested! xD

Oh and if you have any questions and such, please e-mail me via “pimptoad69@gmail.com” rather than leaving a comment here if you want a faster and hassle free response. Oh and no forum, too lazy to manage one.


~ by PimpToad on January 13, 2009.