You Decide!?

Well maybe not, but we would still like to hear your (the faceless intarweb masses) input on this matter.

I’m still tinkering with this poll thingy, hell I might as well pay for hosting and setup the easy WP-poll thing. Well this will be reposted on our next release but vote! Your input may very well sway the opinion of our translator Vin-nii!

In other news, our SnH translator Shinkenshi has returned from the dark confines of reality! While there will still be no progress on SnH until we get some help from a JPN translator, its great to have him back! Maybe he’ll be interested in other manga…*eyes Higurashi Tsumihoroboshi-hen*


~ by PimpToad on January 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “You Decide!?”

  1. hm… should I take this optimistically or pessimistically…

    The ppl that voted weekly either loved HC or hated it so much he wants us to quickly get over it and do something else…

    either way, the last option is like a nicer way of saying fortnightly X_X

  2. Well, I think that scnanlations are made for fun, so schedules sucks! Translate whenever you feel like it!

  3. This is serious business man! xD

  4. Indeed…
    Imagine if Sleepyfans forgot to do Naruto for one week. There’ll be bloodshed on the forums X_X (jk)

    • There was already a minor shitstorm over Eclipse being a few days late on their A Certain Magical Index’s release. The current ‘community’ so to speak is just too impatient in today’s age of high-speed intarwebs.

  5. I’m cool with Eclipse being a bit late, Eclipse is always the better choice for archiving. XD

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