the “help vin-nii translate faster” scheme

After many nights of schemeing (while reading Kenichi, watching Mahoroba and other stuff), I came up with something like this ;)

“Help vin-nii translate fater” scheme

while translating, you tend to avoid using the same word over and over again (unless you have to)…

Then came the Mio arc of HC…

The queen of  Moe noises…

and so, the original script of HC 4 had a setback while trying to figure out how to fill in those bubbles without downgrading the moe-ness that is Mio.

this is where u guys come in XD

Using this post, I want to collect a fair amount of “moelicious” phrases, words and sounds to remove the “thinking of words” time. (for future reference)

and once again…

To those who think Nayuki-love is doing too little, volunteer yourself as a Chinses/ Japanese translator. (Yes, I know you’re Chinese and I know you’re reading this )


~ by vinnii on January 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “the “help vin-nii translate faster” scheme”

  1. I see no problem given that the same word is recycled over and over in the original Jap text to begin with. While I by no means understand what the hell is written on the scans, I am able to notice when the hieroglyphs are the same. So its not your fault when you see the same word being repeated over and over. That’s just the way it is to begin with, though I’ll take the liberty of changing the words with some synonyms so it won’t get ‘too’ repetitive.

    Moe word…desu? xD

  2. The trick is to translate while not repeating words and not use words that suggest you’re a spy from 4kids… if you get my drift

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