The Path to Senility…

So it turns out that I said we released chapter 04 on our last release when it was in fact chapter 03. Is it just a simple error? Well that may be the case…but I think I’m going senile…

Rather than ranting about my premature senility, why not go read the actual chapter 04? Link as always may be found here or you can go visit the projects page.

Still no (finalized) decision on Vin-nii’s translation schedule, but you may convince him to do ‘x’ by voting on this poll thing! Check by from time to time if you are interested in whatever it is we are doing?


~ by PimpToad on January 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Path to Senility…”

  1. dont overwork yourself. go for every 2 or so weeks….but whats important is to KEEP ON SCHEDULE. thats the problem with a lot of subbers. of course having real life problems is understandable…but jsut keep to the schedule as much as possible

  2. One thing we can be sure of is a monthly release, give or take 3 weeks per release. We plan on keeping a rather consistent release schedule barring unforeseen circumstances. So rest assured, you’ll get your moe~ fix at a reasonable amount of time =P

    The poll itself is just for fun really. Everything depends on Vin-nii’s mood so having people enjoying our releases is definitely a plus! :-)

  3. Pimp’s right, monthly is certain. But I might do a bit more during the month if I feel like it (eg. HC 4)

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