Poll Results

Well it’s quite obvious that the majority of votes fall into the “weekly” category. While I myself would like a weekly dose of Honey Coming, too many factors prevent us from ever doing weekly. To name a few, well it takes Vin-nii at least a week to get started on translating anything and it takes me a couple of days to edit something. I say a couple of days since there is no way in hell I’m ever editing scans in one sitting (again).

We can probably squeeze in a bi-monthly (2x per month) release and that will probably be our release schedule barring unforeseen circumstances. Next is the 2 mangas per month choice, but I’m not sure if Vin-nii is interested in doing another manga (bother him about it). Then the monthly option…even I’m not that patient. xD

Oh right, expect chapter 05 of Honey Coming around either Wednesday or Thursday. We could have released it this weekend, but eh I’m a lazy editor…xD


~ by PimpToad on February 9, 2009.