Small Delay

So umm we were supposed to have released a chapter of Honey Coming well yesterday (more like during the weekend), but unforeseen circumstances prevented us from doing so.

…alright I didn’t feel like editing the scans! Happy Now!?

…so yeah good news everyone! Our translator Shinkenshi is back in full force and is interested in doing another manga project (still looking for a Japanese translator for SnH btw)! If you have any suggestions as to what we should work on, then feel free to make one. Though a couple things come to mind here when making a suggestion…

#1 – it should be available in Chinese given that Shin is a Chinese translator
#2 – manga should either be untranslated or release has been stalled for at least 2-3 months
#3 – It must be interesting and (optional, but a plus) must have moe! xD
#4 (optional) – scans should be available in Japanese (mag or tank) if possible
#5  (optional) – manga should be completed at around 3 or so volumes, less is more!

So if your suggestion fit these parameters, then come on down?


~ by PimpToad on February 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Small Delay”

  1. now you’re just twisting my word >_> I used moe as an example LOL

  2. It’s hard to imagine Nayuki_Love doing something that’s not Moe (considering it’s name)

  3. lol wasn’t higurashi proposed not too long ago? well i suppose there are quite a few yandere-cons out there….

  4. OMG don’t know if chinese scans are available but how about Fairly Life pretty sure the same people who made the honey coming game made this one too just a proposal lol

  5. Rika-chama and Satoko are moe! You like moe, viny likes moe, I like moe, we all like moe! Long live moe! It doesn’t really have to be a “moe” manga per se, but as long as the characters themselves are moe, then I’m a happy camper! Swear I’m just a hair’s breath away from being a lolicon…xD

    Not that much info on Fairly Life other than it was produced by Hook (same company that did Honey Coming) and that its only 3 chapters (huge plus, but I wonder if its only like a prologue). I’ll see if I can locate it, but hey if a JPN translator out there wants to take a crack at it…then contact us I suppose =P

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