The good and the bad

Well I have some good news and some bad news…let’s start with the bad news first. Futakoi Alternative Chapter 02 has been delayed due to our proofreader (Mii) being awol for the past couple of days. The chapter will be released once I track her down. Also, Honey Coming Chapter 08 will be put on hold until one of two things come to pass. First being that someone provides me with better raws for Chapters 08 and above or…

Which brings us to the good news! (sort of)
Wave 17 of Seto no Hanayome will be released to you the viewer very soon! Because the bulk of Wave 17 has already been translated by Shinkenshi, I will go ahead and release the chapter even if it takes an ample amount of work to do so. Because you know…we don’t have a Japanese translator? Though the bad news is that we still won’t progress beyond Wave 17 unless we get help from a JPN translator, simple as that.

So yeah expect Wave 17 soon but there won’t be any progress on HC08.

That’s all folks!


~ by PimpToad on March 29, 2009.