Never Again…

Never again will I ever work on SnH using Chinese scans. Hell I don’t even think I want to work on this manga anymore. Well anyway like I said on my previous rant, we present you all today with Wave 17 of Seto no Hanayome. With that said, I’m also officially dropping SnH indefinitely. I’ll let CosaNostraScans handle this series since after working on those 2 chapters…well I don’t want to edit this anymore…

Well couple of announcements as well…
Shinkenshi has now officially joined Nayuki_Love…long overdue but what the hell let me announce it anyway. We also have a new on/off proofreader known as Snoozy, who I bugged today to proofread Wave 17 so I could release it today! Umm expect HC08 in like a week or two depending on my mood.

With that said…happy reading (or as happy as you could be given how…unique Wave 17 was translated in) and see you all next release!


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  1. Well if editing is the biggest problem with this manga, we at Shi-ki can do that. I don’t have any japanese or chinese translators so I can’t get anyone to translate it for me but I do know a bit about editing :D
    So if you are okay with a joint on this one then we are in for it even if it’s going to take some time editing it cuz it’s hard to do so, lol.^^

    PS: I don’t think Cosa Nostra will be doing it…anytime soon. My reason comes from this:
    “Okay, okay… You guys want the earlier volumes?

    THEN GO HELP NAYUKI LOVE FIND A JAPANESE TO ENGLISH TRANSLATOR. Because unless they drop Setoyome or unless we suddenly finish v9-14, Cosa Nostra Scans will not be doing volumes one through eight.”

  2. no, he was just ranting, we actually don’t have any scans to work with… (maybe both, I dunno)

  3. I hope you find some RAWs and a translator soon. I’d apply, but I don’t know japanese (nor chinese), so…
    If you drop this project, it’ll remain incomplete.

  4. I have access to both the Chinese and the Japanese raws so they aren’t a problem at all. My main problem with this series is editing from Chinese translations that they probably half-assed to begin with, resulting in rather poor quality come Chinese to English. Then there is the practical issue of me already working on 2 mangas. I can add another one to that list, but eh I don’t really want to.

    So yeah like I said if we can get another editor and a Japanese translator into our ranks, then the project will be re-opened. If not, well the amount of work it takes for me to release this thing isn’t worth it. I don’t call myself an editor because I just clean and typeset the scans you know…

    I wouldn’t mind a joint on this project, but we at NL don’t exactly have the resources at the moment to spare. Unless of course you manage Vin-nii or Shinkenshi to pick up another project to do…

  5. where do you get your raw anyway?
    if you want japanese raw (MQ) here some for this manga:

  6. Ahh then it probably can’t be done. I don’t expect Vin-nii or Shinkenshi to translate (they are translators, right?) to take another project to do if they are already doing a lot.

    As said before we can’t translate since we got no japanese/chinese translator, the rest we can manage but it seems like thats not enough in this case^^

    …but nothing to do about it we can just hope someone else will take it up in the future, heh

  7. Seto /is/ a bitch to edit. 40 damn pages. Anyway, thanks for the chapter! And we at CNS will do ch18 if Transfade ever returns from where ever, I guess. ):

    /goes back to ch45

  8. I got my raws from Share, which is most likely where these sites got them from as well. Have volumes 01-12 just sitting in my hard drive taking up space.

    Seto isn’t all that bad to edit really given that the scans themselves are great. Of course I just half-assed it so I’m not sure whether my work fits your standard of quality. I’m sure the readers should have noticed the glaring difference between the first half and the second half of chapter 17.

    And there you have it folks, CNS has just declared that they are going to do the earlier volumes! Now bother them till their ears bleed! xD


  10. Cool enough with me as long as someone wants to do it^^ Great manga shouldn’t be left ;)

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