News, News, and More News!

Which would have been the case if I actually remembered the crap I was supposed to announce. Hmm lets see here…

First is the whole double release thing of Honey Coming chapters 08 and 09, but that’s probably what most of you are here after all. Next is supposed to be chapter notes or whatever, but I rarely do that anyway since you should all know I’m lazy. Ah right! I’m supposed to announce a new manga project!

So yeah…our next manga project is the Kanon 4-koma Manga Theater! As the name suggests, its a collection of various 4-komas done by various artists similar to the Clannad 4-komas. The project will be lead by our translator Vin-nii, I’m editing again since no one apparently wants to join us, and we’ll have our various proofreaders fixing the goods.

I have a request for you guys who actually bothered to read this. Will anyone here go add the “Kanon 4-koma Manga Theater” to Mangaupdates? I would do it myself, but again lazy. So yeah anyone here nice enough to do me a favor so I don’t have to do it? Also…I NEED BETTER HONEY COMING RAWS! WORKING OFF OF SCANS I GOT FROM CHINESE ONLINE MANGA SITES SUCK!!!

Well that’s all…I think?

Guess I can add a couple more lines to this. To clarify, I in no way shape or form edited the scans other than removing the Chinese text to put in the English ones. The scans were also from Chinese online manga reader sites, so they may have been resized and compressed in some form. Then add the rather shoddy editing by the original scanlators as well as the rather dubious layering of the scans. So yeah simply put, its not my fault the scans look like that. If you want better quality, then find me better scans.


~ by PimpToad on April 29, 2009.

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  1. I don’t want to complain but why the ch 9 of Honey Coming mangas pages seems to be um… messy???

  2. yea, seem like some pages are from chapter 8 and i already tried to add the “Kanon 4-koma Manga Theater” on manga updates but apparently it said it’s already taken, and i tried search for that as well but couldnt find it so dont know what’s the deal

  3. @jalopee
    I ran out of Japanese scans and am now using scans from Chinese online manga reader sites. The scans may have been resized, crappily edited, etc. All I did was remove the Chinese text and added English ones. I didn’t level, resize, or did anything to edit the scans at all other than replacing the text.

    I checked the scans and everything is in order. Well thanks for trying, I guess some kind samaritan already added it beforehand. Anyway, feel free to edit the entry once its up since I’m not doing it at all…xD

  4. Chapter 9 consists of files from chapter 8 and 9 mixed together. Maybe you accidentally replaced them.

    • Ah shit well what do you know…Pages 12, 16 and 17 were messed up…how the hell did that happen? Damn sorry about that…I’ll have it reuploaded in a few.

  5. @naruto

    had a search for Kanon 4 Koma… and it is there (huh, wasn’t there last week).

  6. Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

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