So turns out that while the scans were being proofread I accidentally saved the HC08 scans to the HC09 folder, hence why there are HC08 scans in HC09. To make things worse, I accidentally deleted the .psd’s containing both HC08 and HC09…Phew, good thing I haven’t deleted the drafts yet…So yeah this version of HC09 has been proofread already (I think?), but HC08 is still the draft version so there might be errors here and there. I would change it, but again accidentally deleted the .psd’s and I don’t really want to re-edit it again…for now anyway.

Anyway, here is the corrected version of HC09..dubbed v2! Nothing changed really, just added the correct pages…like 6 in total…lost count. Huh what were you expecting, a link!? You know where to find it T_T

I’ll probably release a v2 for HC08, but eh the errors are very minor anyway. I’ll do it if I get my hands on the tankubons…I should also stop my one-sided relationship with shift+delete…it’s gotten me into way too much trouble already…damn you bitch!!!


~ by PimpToad on April 29, 2009.