Due to popular demand…

Well the (handful of) people have spoken! They wanted more Honey Coming and we delivered…is what I would like to say but let’s face the facts. I’m only going to release one chapter and then you guys will have to wait god knows how long till Vin-nii feels like doing some translating. Well hey at least it only took a week to release it right? RIGHT!?

So yeah enjoy the chapter…probably the last one of Clair’s arc. Yeah I know the front/cover page isn’t edited and I’m not going to edit it so don’t even bother. The chapter seems familiar somehow…hmm…We are also more than halfway done with Honey Coming, only 9 more chapters to go!

Oh right make sure to read the notice I attached to the chapter! We want your opinions…(wait we do?)


~ by PimpToad on May 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Due to popular demand…”

  1. It’s not the text that’s tilted. It’s the images.

    • Come on now give me some credit here! I know that the images are tilted (and I’m not going to rotate them), but good to know that the text isn’t tilted.

  2. Thanks for uploading the new chapter ! ^^ I am still enjoying to read it. Anyway,I don’t really have any depreciative commments to do about the new font. It seems good to me !!

    By the way, I don’t really care to wait more time to read another chapter. I understand the fact that it is just a rough job to edit as well as translate the raws.

    Keep up the good work !!

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