Progress Report

I try to make it a habit of making at least one post per week to keep the search engine crawlers and those who are actually bored enough to visit this site when we have nothing to release updated on whatever it is we are doing. So far, I’ve edited a grand total of 2 pages for the Kanon 4komas…though I’ll stick to the excuse that the bulk of my editing time is being spent on the pretty ef cd cover image I found on danbooru. Spent a good 2 hours just making one of those folded lines disappear…add another 2 for the other one, maybe a good 4 to remove the text, and add some tears of blood to redraw the wings…well good thing this is a labour of love!

So yeah I think we’ll be able to release the first chapter of the 4komas sometime during the weekend this week. Though I say chapter…well I’ll explain it come release day. Shin is also still off somewhere so don’t expect any updates on Futakoi Alternative anytime soon. That should be it…


~ by PimpToad on May 18, 2009.