Over 9000!

Hah we finally reached more than 9000 unique downloads and I just wanted to write that down. It doesn’t really matter…but you can’t pass an opportunity to say “Over 9000!” right?

Well yeah new chapter release in the form of Honey Coming 11! More developments, shocking development to be more specific…which saddens me as a Clair shipper…Well read, enjoy, and go find me some proofreaders.

Oh and for those who are expecting some Kanon 4-koma goodness…well don’t hold your breath. Unless a new editor takes over the project (we are also looking for translators as well! xD), you won’t see the first chapter for a long, long time…


~ by PimpToad on June 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Over 9000!”

  1. Hey guys. I saw you were searching for more “raws” of Honey Coming. I happened to find ch.12-15 on chinese.
    Email me if you still need it, I’ll send it to you soon.

    • We are already using the Chinese raws to edit. What we need are Japanese scans (either tank or mag) just so it will look better and all that. Thanks for the offer, but don’t need it unless you have like the .png or something.

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