Update #1.1 – You Will (Not) Receive

Well it turns out that Viny sent me the chapter script for HC13 a couple of hours after I made last week’s post. Sounds like good news right? The chapter should be fully edited and is now in the proofing stages right? Well that’s when things hit a snag… I can sit here and list a couple of excuses as to why you all will not receive a new chapter this weekend, but I’ll just say that I’m busy with other things. They aren’t really very important things, but it’s enough to detract me from touching Photoshop.

So in a nutshell… Go find me another editor so stuff like this won’t happen again! Preferably someone who is fast and maintains an acceptable level of quality so I don’t even have to edit at all! xD


~ by PimpToad on July 4, 2009.

One Response to “Update #1.1 – You Will (Not) Receive”

  1. It seems you are really busy lately. But you do not need to be sorry. I am sure that everyone who reads HC can wait more time to see the next chapter. Anyway, keep up the good work !!

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