My Computer!!!

So I was planning on releasing this thing several hours ago, but got sidetracked since the problem I thought I solved on my computer came back in force. Hours later and still no luck in fixing it…and I refuse to admit that it could be a hardware problem since I refuse to spend money on a new puter!

Well you guys didn’t come here to listen to me bitch and rant…so um yeah Honey Coming 13? +1 to the Kou harem, but we all know how that’s going to end… Download link is at the usual place?

I know I had something more or better to add, but meh the only thing on my mind right now is figuring out how the hell I can fix this shit…


~ by PimpToad on July 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Computer!!!”

  1. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new computer, unless maybe you own a laptop. Browsing the earlier posts suggest that you might have already reinstalled your OS. If I knew what problem(s) you were having, the OS, and type, and if you wanted some, I could offer some suggestions. However, if you are fine on your own, I hope that you will at least be able to come up with a work around until you are ready to replace your computer.

    Regardless, thanks for everyone’s hard work and the releases.

    • Well the problem itself somehow managed to fix itself…for now. I already know that my computer isn’t exactly running at 100% efficiency and it is a dated machine so I’ll have to make a purchase sometime later on. Shin (the other translator dude) suggested something that never crossed my mind and solved problem #1, though problem #2 is completely unworkable beyond my current technical expertise.

      Though thanks for the offer of help and we always appreciate other people appreciating our work!

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