Toad Reborn!

So I was planning on living on seclusion and probably hot pockets for the next blah blah blah months, but finally started watching Bakemonogatari and the animu inside me has been reborn anew! Which sounds really fancy, but all I really did was finish the last 3 pages of FA04 that I decided to ignore ever since the release of that mod update. So yeah Futakoi Alternative Chapter 04 is finally out, etc etc.

Viny says that he is working on HC15, but he also wants to be called -nii even if he isn’t one so who knows. Shin the Ojii-chan is also working on FA05…I think? Wow talk about being in communication with your team members huh?

Oh and this chapter hasn’t been proofread since well…we need more proofreaders? If interested, contact me!


~ by PimpToad on September 24, 2009.