Update #4.2 – Yuri Railguns!

Well I figured I should make another post before the month ends and….here we are. Release for Honey Coming 15 has been pushed back to November…hopefully.  Well that’s it?


~ by PimpToad on October 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Update #4.2 – Yuri Railguns!”

  1. I believe you are having a hard time lately.It is really difficult to edit the raws. But I still think you are doing an excellent work. ^^ Keep it up !!

  2. Well I was just distracted by P3F for the past month and couldn’t be bothered to edit really, though my dwindling motivation to work on Honey Coming doesn’t help much. I’m fairly confident in a weekend release for HC15 and positive it will be released next week if I can’t make it on the weekend.

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