So I live in sunny southern Florida and I’m cold…seriously it’s not right for us here in the down south to get so cold. Yeah I know people who live far up north are freezing, but hey they knew balls-freezing weather is all but an inevitability. Though that’s not exactly why I’m writing this post…

Viny is still awol and probably still gallivanting around Hong Kong or something so no real updates on Honey Coming. Shinkenshi has once again managed to disappear off the radar so who knows when the next chapter of Futakoi Alternative is going to come out. Our next project may need another powwow given that another group has released a chapter of Fortune Arterial. Ah well we’ll see…

Previous comments we have been receiving are great! Always nice to hear that people are appreciative of our work and whatnot regardless of how half-assed I’ve been doing it lately. Though in my defense I am using already edited Chinese scans since I can’t seem to find/gave up finding JPN scans past chapter 7.

Oh and one of the top searches for this blog is: “is kira yamato gay”
I lol’ed xD


~ by PimpToad on January 10, 2010.

One Response to “I’M COLD…”

  1. Oi, oi, oi !! How rude ! I am a normal person. Who are you calling a gay ? xD Well… I bet my posts do not help me much though.

    Anyway it is a shame that you won’t be able to post the next chapter of Futakoi Alternative for now. The same thing is valid to HC.

    By the way, I hope you can manage to survive the winter there. I do not have such a problem for now because I am living in the Southern Hemisphere.

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