so I heard someone is looking for me

Haven’t been on here for 3 weeks (since I’m in HK) and the first thing I see is one Kira Yamamoto-kun complaining that HC translating is on hiatus. Well, on behalf of Kira-kun (or Yamamoto-kun), I announce I’ll be back in Aussie  by the 18th. I should finish translating before the month finishes (if pre-uni job hunting goes well nway).  While I’m also very cold now, I assure you I’ll be very hot in a few days time…

And no, I haven’t touched HC for these 3 weeks and I sincerely apologize for using this time to read the 21 voulmes of Kami no Shizuku, 4 voulmes of Code Geass:Queen, 8 voumes of Cat street and the 9th volume of Ga-rei.


~ by vinnii on January 15, 2010.

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  1. I am really sorry if I offended you with my previous post. I am not trying to force you posting updates related to HC every time. I understand that you are not having time to edit the chapters. In addition I know you have been busy lately. Please, accept my apologies.

  2. Even if he does manage to send me the script this very moment, I seriously doubt I’ll get around to editing it anytime soon. Thy whip has been collecting dust since the master himself doesn’t feel like editing the manga…xD

  3. I understand. You don’t really need to be worried. As a fan, I can wait for the next chapter.

    To be frank I wanted to offer my help to you. However, since I think I am quite useless I didn’t even try to. The main reason is that I don’t really know how I could be useful. My proficinecy in English is not that great (so I can’t be a proofreader) and I don’t know how to edit raws. Therefore I didn’t try to help you. But if you think there is something that I can do in benefit to Nayuki I would be pleased in helping.

    I really hope you can forget my rude post that I published previously. I was really stupid. I have total understanding about how hard it is to edit the material. Once again, I offer my apologies.

  4. Don’t worry about it; I doubt we are as light-skinned here as to take offense to such a trifling matter. Hell yeah I can throw some “sophisticated” wording too!

    Just posting comments showing your appreciation for our releases is good enough. Sure it would be nice to get another peon to boss around, but just knowing people are enjoying our work is good enough for me.

    One way you can help is to make me a BLT…but that’s not going to happen so eh…xD

  5. okay maybe I was being a little tight there. It’s good to know that people are appreciating the trans and enjoying HC as much as we do XD. your post wasn’t really rude so don’t worry about it.

    I would also like a BLT…minus the L and T, add lots of cheese and maybe an extra patty XD

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