Sad Toad is Sad!

What the hell 300+ downloads and not a single comment or anything like that? I mean not that it bothers me or anything, but sheesh a little ‘thanks’ or whatever goes a long way in motivating (mostly me) us to get things done. Ah well I’m 25% done with HC18 and expect it this week barring unforeseen circumstances; maybe even earlier since the chapter is rather interesting. Oh and yeah I’m not editing the cover page since:

  • It’s a pain
  • Not the original scan so not worth the effort
  • I don’t wanna

Hmm after we finish HC, I think I’ll start using tags for the blog. Hmm…I wonder what tags I should use? Oh and I really need to find a replacement for Wild Words since it doesn’t have all the characters I use for typesetting…Ah whatever see y’all in a few!

Ah right after I finish editing HC18, I’ll go ahead and start work on the Kanon 4koma theatre scans. Dunno if I can get the -nii to start translating them again, but I figure I can at least get the first chapter out.


~ by PimpToad on March 15, 2010.

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  1. hey man, i am new here, and i just began downloading HC, i liked the way it’s going the story, thanks for the chaps

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