No way but we just released one 2 weeks ago right!? It’s all a lie I tell you, a LIE!!!

Welp here we go! Second to last chapter of Honey Coming and things are heating up! What the hell Ko are you really, really that dumb? I mean yeah granted I’m not really a huge supporter of the Asahi, but the chapter was well written to warrant such a speedy edit! (which would have normally took around 1-2 weeks :D)

Ah well read, enjoy, something! Now to get Viny to do the last chapter and hopefully convince him to pick up a new manga…*eyes Sharin no Kuni* Do your part in badgering him! :D

Edit: Would appreciate it if you guys would pitch in some manga we may be interested in doing for our next project after HC. Once again only manga that are not being worked on by any other group, the project has been stalled for many months (let’s say at least 6) and the group hasn’t made a statement about it or has gone with the wind, and it must have a Bishojo! (this is a must and any suggestions will not be accepted without it!)


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  1. perhaps a poll is in order?

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Once you finish this up are you planning to devote some more resources to your other projects (cough… Futakoi Alternative… cough)?

    • Well as you can see on the project page, I am but a lowly editor slaving with my crappy Photoshop skillz as the almighty translators control the scenes. Shin is the translator in charge of Futakoi and as much as I really want to finish it (the manga goes differently than the anime iirc), he calls the shots as to when he wants to translate.

      Though I suppose I’ll ask him about it and see what’s up?

  3. Thank you for the release!

  4. Thank you for the releases and translating Honey Coming! I enjoyed the manga and it’s all thanks to the efforts of hardworking individuals like you guys! I’m just wondering but have you guys heard of another manga for Honey Coming, called Sweet Honey Coming and HoneComi The 4-koma. So I’m just wondering if you have any plans of translating those mangas as well?

    • Why did you comment on an old post? Well anyway iirc, there were plans to do Sweet Honey Coming way back when we first saw it online. I just now realized that there are only 2 chapters for it since it was canceled. We may do it, but who knows? We are a Chinese->English group as of right now and the 4komas aren’t available in Chinese so we aren’t going to do it. Even if it were, I don’t think either me or jon is interested in it…xD

      Glad you enjoyed the releases!

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