So about them 4komas…

So uhh around a year ago, we announced a project that was supposed to run alongside Honey Coming. Various complications (the Toad wasn’t motivated to edit it) and it took me around 10 months to edit 10 pages…but now we proudly present the peoples the very first chapter of the Kanon 4koma series!

A bit long overdue, but hey whatever it was still released so nya? As for whether you’ll see the next chapter? Well that really depends largely on Viny since I find editing these 4komas a pain. If we get another editor for this series and Viny is still in the mood to translate, then work will proceed as normal. If Viny is still interested in translating but no new editor, then don’t expect the next release in anything that can be considered a timely manner.

That is all! Oh and experimenting with this tag thingy. Let’s see if this works? Huh guess I gotta get my own domain (and probably server) to get this thing to work off of wordpress…oh well was fun while it lasted I guess?


~ by PimpToad on March 18, 2010.