To Arms!

Well anyhoo going to go ahead and release the Oneshot I mentioned…a week back was it? Anyway yeah the oneshot is pretty hilarious and I had quite a bit of fun editing it. Here’s to hoping that we do more of these funny oneshots every now and then!

Now as you may or may not be aware, Mango Scans has released Fortune Arterial 05 after a several month hiatus. Even with this unforeseen development, we here at NL still plan on doing the main Fortune Arterial manga. In fact this development has made us switch gears for we will now do the main manga first rather than the Character Preludes. As to not waste our beloved translator’s efforts, we plan on releasing each subsequent chapter of Fortune Arterial before Mango scans.

Now the Toad doesn’t believe in needless competition as well as lolscanlation drama, but we’ve already made plans on doing Fortune Arterial and we intend to stick to it to the end…or at least if we don’t lose interest or something like that anyway.

Anyway enjoy the oneshot and look forward to our next release!


~ by PimpToad on April 6, 2010.