Damn typesetting… =.=

Heya guys. This is Johnny-Jon, the new Editor here at Nayuki_Love~ It’s been a good past few days? weeks? where I’ve had a hellova time trying to learn the *ways* of the *masters* here, mainly trying to keep up with Pimp & Vinni’s conversations on MAL… which I must admit is a mission…. =.=~~

Fortune Arterial is moving very swiftly (not blaming a certain toad for his declaration of war…), with chapter seven being proofed right now, and the other chapters being edited accordingly… (well actually they’ll be edited once I can stop myself from watching Naruto Shippuuden and start on them… >.<)

Oh and we have a forum now~! (Pimp got off his lazy ass and made one… O.O *me runs away…*) Although it’s still in the proccess of being *prettyfied* and made better, go have a look, comment on our projects and other stuff once we *prettyfy* it~


PS: Hope you like my releases later on… ^^


~ by Johnny-Jon on April 13, 2010.

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  1. “Damned Typesetter” here, now, took my time finding the place…
    ‘Tis a dodgy area… y’know Anonib is just around the corner…

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