A Girl? NO WAY……

So yea ~ Asides from me joinning the team a while back~ we have a new member/Editor: Jenny7332~! so that means less work for moi?? (=.= now we have to keep a close eye on that toad of ours….). Also our personal Ninja, Shin, has been coming in and out more recently, and soo all you Futakoi Alternative fans can maybe.. just maybe look forward to faster releases of that.. (I mean… last release was 09/23/09 ….O.O)

anyway, moving to the news that you’ve all been waiting for~! Today I bring you a double release where Chapter 07 of Fortune Arterial (I did it~! Comment or else…. O.o) and Chapter 05 of Futakoi Alternative ( OMG it’s finally out…) is out~!

Oha and before I go… We has a Forum site now~! as I said in the previous post, teh Toad finally got up and did somthing… >.< so go on it and write some comments~! (we get lonely….) Here’s the link to the forum:




~ by Johnny-Jon on April 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “A Girl? NO WAY……”

  1. wawww thx for your releases ^^

  2. wawww thx for your releases ^^

  3. Much thanks for the release!

  4. Thx for the releases :D

  5. Thanks for the release! but i think you guys should drop Fortune Arterial since another group is already translating it and pick up something no ones translating!

    • There are actually rather unique circumstances as to why we persist on doing Fortune Arterial regardless of Mango’s release of CH05, regardless of our stance on unneeded competition on this field. Unless Viny ever loses interest in translating this manga or translating in general, we will continue forward with our releases at a timely fortnightly pace.

      Though fret not for we have plans on doing yet another manga project! We are unsure yet as to what exactly will happen, but more details will be forthcoming in the following weeks.

      …sheesh being all serious crap just ain’t my style =P

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