A New Challenger!?

Out of the ashes arose a mighty valkyrie (apparently I’m spelling this wrong according to wordpress) that challenged the mighty dominion of the -nii. The scarlet maiden fought long and hard, but alas was dealt a critical blow by the Undefeated of the East! As she retreats to muster yet another force to challenge the dastardly king, what will the future hold?

…yeah I dunno where I’m going with this so let’s get to why you all are here! We are presenting you with yet another fortnightly release of Fortune Arterial! We also have a new translator by the name of tianxi-chan…who unfortunately will be out of action for an undetermined period of time. We expect great things from her and eagerly await her translation on a currently unknown project of epic proportions?

Damn I’m just not in the mood today at all…ah well enjoy the chapter and look forward to our next release? Also, I find it amusing how this group was primarily a 3-man team until jonjon, tobeh, jenny, and tianxi joined us all within the span of a month and some change. How we do things have certainly changed sure, but things have certainly gotten merrier!

PS: Yeah this is the first time we’ve had two editors work on the same chapter and it shows. And no we aren’t going to follow some cleaning/typesetting standard and will continue to edit in a way that is easiest for us. You don’t like it? Well tough luck!


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  1. Thanks for the release <3

  2. Thanks alot for the chapter. I love this manga and am very grateful to you guys for picking this up and for releasng steady chapters. I am happy with the quality, dont see anything wrong with it. So please continue to scanlate this wonderful manga which has unfortunately been neglected by the groups who previously worked on this manga. So I hope NAYUKI wont be like thos other groups and continue to do the good work on this. THANKS alot luv u guys

  3. Thank you for the new chapter!

  4. Good to know people out there are enjoying our work. Barring unforeseen circumstances, expect us to work on Fortune Arterial till the very last chapter…whenever that may be?

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