Progress Report?

So well we were supposed to release a chapter yesterday, but REAL LIFE got all real and jonjon couldn’t finish the chapter in time. It shouldn’t take all that long for him to finish by now (halfway done by now I think), but yeah we missed our fortnightly deadline this month so…*shrugs*

Anyway we are also working on some parody gag manga based on the Fortune Arterial scans. So far it’s looking to be dumb, stupid, and downright vulgar…I love it! We’ll release it in conjunction with one of the FoA chapters and hope someone out there will find it as dumb and ridiculous as we do?

Anyway that’s all for now…hassle jonjon to work faster! =D


~ by PimpToad on May 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Progress Report?”

  1. Thanks for the update. Its really great because being kept in the dark is really terrible. :)

  2. you should thank Pimp. I was gonna keep the parody a secret and troll the lot of ya XD

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