This chapter was such a headache…which now brings us to a certain dilemma of ours. It seems that I’m the only editor at the moment capable of typesetting at an efficient rate. While our two new editors far surpass me in the cleaning department, they have some trouble efficiently managing the typesetting aspect of their role. So needless to say…another typesetter is needed to make things efficient again…less you expect Toad-level efficiency and those who have been following our releases know just how ‘efficient’ I am!

Anyway glad to get this chapter out of our hair, jonjon is now on hiatus for god knows how long, and we have another chapter almost ready for release in a day or two. If you know anyone/or are interested in helping…we need a typesetter!

Edit: So I just replaced the previous version with a v2 now available at the FoA page. Sorry about that and thanks for pointing out the error. If you can’t be stuffed into redownloading crap again, there will be a link below where you can get the missing page (p05).

Missing Page (p05)


~ by PimpToad on June 6, 2010.

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  1. Pg 5 is missing. Always enjoy your releases so thanks.

  2. thanks for the tip, we’ll be working on it (AKA spam mail to pimp).
    while you’re waiting, feel free to watch this clip I found on youtube this morning

  3. Let’s add counting to the list of things I can’t do apparently…Anyway I’ll get the v2 up and running in a few. Hopefully this is the only error I made?

  4. temporarily fixed with page 5 temporarily added. Temporarily enjoy XD

  5. the fix is now official. please officially enjoy it

  6. Thanks for the release!

  7. Sweet! Thanks alot for the chapter

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