Another New Release!

Hell yeah we’re releasing another chapter…but you may be wondering why it is CH11 and not CH10, and there is a rather logical explanation for that…I think? Anyway our newest member and translator tianxi is currently exiled from the interwebs to focus on her GCSE’s or something and is currently awol for another couple of weeks or so. She has already fully translated CH10, but we have no means of getting the chapter from her so we decided to skip it; CH10 is a character-centric chapter so it’s not a detriment to the plot in general. So rather than having the -nii translate CH10 again and wasting time, we just went ahead and did CH11 and will probably get back to CH10 as soon as tianxi returns.

So that’s that…enjoy the chapter and see if you kind folks can find us a dedicated typesetter?


~ by PimpToad on June 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “Another New Release!”

  1. thank you for the release.

  2. Thanks alot for the chapter. I dont mind that you skipped chapter 10 as long as nothing much happened in that. I m just glad that I got to read this chapter on time. :) Kuze really is mysterious, cool and pretty. I wonder what is her link with the cat?

  3. Thanks for the release! I’ll probably hold off on reading this until you release chapter 10, but that’s just because I prefer to read things in order whenever possible.

  4. Oh. Okay. lol, I was worried about why ch.10 wasn’t released.

  5. I believe we should be getting to some meat (vampire) chapters in a few, but we are rather disorganized at the moment so it may take awhile to get there.

  6. I think it’s best if you not skip chapters next time. There is nothing wrong with waiting to release, that’s how scanlation is. And you just released a chapter not too long ago too. Do a double release next time or something.

  7. Thanks for the release. But (and this is really important) from now on, please keep in mind that “maths” is never correct. Math is an abbreviation of mathematics, and as such, should not have an ‘s’ as it is ALWAYS plural.

  8. I’m not in the business of pointlessly withholding completed chapters for release. Do what that Geese guy did and just ignore this release until we do get around to CH10? We’ll keep doing what we want to do and nobody outside of our group can say otherwise; well maybe a C&D letter, but we purposely choose manga with no chance in hell of ever being licensed so that’s not a problem! :D

    Well the original script actually said “maths” and I changed it to “math.” Apparently “maths” is the correct term for it in the UK or Aussie or something and I reverted it back to “maths” after being told as such. Have a crack at our overseas members if you want?

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