the scourge?

So turns out miss tianxi is probably still in exile from the interwebs since there is porn in it or whatever…so we’re going to go ahead and start re-translating chapter 10 of FoA. We’ve just started with the chapter so may take awhile, around 1-2 weeks depending on viny’s mood to translate.

Anyway I’d like to thank ‘blacky’ for joining us in our movie day…though get a microphone next time dude!

So yeah just another progress report and whatnot…hopefully the next month will bring us good tidings…well actually no next month will suck, but one can dream right?


~ by PimpToad on July 20, 2010.

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  1. i promise next time i have my mic ready!!! I PROMISE
    and YEEHAAA finally chap 10 :D

  2. Thanks for the “heads-up” As always much appreciated

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