Where to begin…

The whole operation is in shambles! Jenny is soon to be off on a plane to gallivant around China, I’m holding on my damn principles for some odd reason so I haven’t gotten my copy of SC2 yet, Viny is being Vineh, jonjon is god knows where, and Shin could be receiving spiritual enlightenment for all we know…

Hah oh well at least some good news? FoA10 is finally done and its a childhood friend chapter! I love childhood friend chapters and that translated to double the editing time…joy…but its a great chapter though! We may push to get Volume02 completed before September so try to motivate Viny or something.

I’m sure I got a couple more things to rant about, but hell I don’t even feel like bitching about it. Read, enjoy, whatever…


~ by PimpToad on July 30, 2010.

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  1. Thank you all very much for the new chapter. Sorry about the MIAs. Hoping you’ll have a bit of help soon so that you don’t have to rant. :)

  2. Thanks for the new (old?) release! Hope things get back to normal for you before long.

  3. Bah I don’t want for things to go back to normal! Fantasy…MY FANTASY!!! Oh well NL has been pretty much a 2-man operation for most of its lifetime so we’ll manage…though expect release quality to take a dive with our ace proofreader/editor gone for awhile.

  4. finally ch10 yeeeehaaaa
    good luck putting the group toghether again and dont lose your motivation!

  5. thanks, i are waiting for more hehe ^^ … do you want translated other Manga? please…

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