Life is full of fear, uncertainty, and of course doubt! So strap down, grab your tin foil hats, and listen up!

Uhhh nothing much to say really. FoA13 may be delayed for another week or two but we’re around a third of the way done. Of course we can expedite the process if we can get another translator…but that’s like finding a $20 bill lying in the middle of the street…apparently? Oh I’m interested in the manga posted in one of the comments on the previous post, but we aren’t exactly brimming with members here. I’ll be more than happy to organize a team, but too lazy to go look for em. =D


~ by PimpToad on August 10, 2010.

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  1. @freedom
    the “Loose Relation Between Wizard & Apprentice” is currently being translated by Anime Novel. Currently might not be the right word since they haven’t released for a while but ah well.

    to all:
    Nii is currently have an assignment bombardment so do forgive him for being slow/late.

  2. Would be able to help with the cleanness of Chinese scans’s if your want

  3. We can’t overcome the bottleneck known as a lack of translators. We have 1 active (who is busy) and 1 who may at most post like…3 scripts a year if we’re lucky. The only real way to get the ball rolling is to find another translator (chink or jap) to get the ball rolling ya?

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