Journey of a thousand miles…something

So I actually had a pretty witty writeup in mind for today’s release, but my adrenaline high is wearing off pretty fast and now I’m depressed as hell. Eating some glazed donuts right now to get some sugar into my system, but I’m even more depressed that they are Dunkin Donuts and not Krispy Kreme…WHY GOD WHY!!!!!!!? I miss the days where I lived somewhat close to a Krispy Kreme factory and I could go on donut runs and get them fresh out of the conveyor belt…store bought donuts just don’t cut it no more when you’ve had that orgasm.

Oh right this is about FoA13…well yey we finally finished it after many delays! We’re finally back to the meaty goodness and we’ve finally decided (I think?) to standardized some things. Starting next chapter, we’ll be using honorifics/nicknames for all the characters now and this change will be made to the previous chapters during the eventual volume compilation release (whenever I get around to that…which is a huge MEBBEH).

Well that’s that…oh and as always we’re looking for more people to join our (merry?) band. Right now we need an editor who is comfortable at releasing HQ stuff (which I’m not). Uh oh all positions are open? Damn I’m just so out of it right now…feel free to add crap I forgot vineh =P

Edit: Divshare seems to be failing as a reliable mirror site so anyone have any suggestions where we should setup shop next? Something with a bit of flexibility like mediafire would be preferred; such as the ability for files to be hosted so long as you login once every 60 days or something.


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  1. thanks for the release ;)

  2. Sweet! I was waiting for this one and this chapter was totally worth the wait. Thanks alot for the chapter. It looks like Erika was about to give-in to her vampiric instincts. I guess its only Hasekura’s blood she craves so much and I wonder why

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    BTW, I have neither a Dunkin Donuts nor a Krispy Kreme near me so count yourself lucky in that regard (I’d prefer the Dunkin Donuts, but that may be just me). :(

  4. The next chapter further expands on this development and seems to…well you’ll see. We’re making pretty decent progress so it shouldn’t take too long to release.

    Yeah yeah count my blessings, but I want my piping hot Krispy Kreme donut damnit! Biting into a freshly made batch of those glazed donuts…man the Dunkin equivalent just can’t compete!

  5. I’ve got a slovaki shop near my place XD
    nothing like some good gyros any time of the day !

    On a side note, Fortune Arterial is getting an anime adaption next season which is sometime in Oct. We will probably do another watch-together so keep an eye out for that :)

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