Hah bet you bastards were expecting another release so soon, but I highly doubt it since most of you probably just get to this blog via mangaupdates. Anyway just a quick progress report on FoA14. The chapter is pretty much done at this point and is undergoing an ‘extensive’ proofreading process. I say ‘extensive’ due to the relative awesomeness of the chapter…I mean why else was it completed so fast?

Anyway the other reason I’m even writing up this rather pointless update is due to our proofreading dilemma. This chapter could have been released a few days earlier, but we lack the manpower to have a ‘quality’ release as soon as the editing process is finished. So yeah…find me someone interested in joining our (merry?) band. And as for the chapter release itself…*shrugs* who knows someone over here may feel generous and release it early as a Labor Day gift. Though I’m the only one in the USA here and I’m not feeling all to jolly right now so who knows?


~ by PimpToad on September 5, 2010.

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  1. wasn’t there someone from earlier posts… of wait that was Freedom-dono for cleaning.

    I wonder if anyone lurks here…?

  2. Hi, i belong to a spanish scanlator, the motive of my message is to ask if ¿do you want to work in one sleeve with us?
    we cleaned the raw and type, you make a translation and proofreader and q.c.
    we worked fast and with quality, if you want can put us to test…
    we have some propositions to work, i expect with longings his answer.

    • I appreciate your offer, but we honestly don’t need anymore editors right now…though maybe you’ll be interested in doing the HQ release version for Volume 02? Register on our forums and we’ll talk more about it from there.

  3. I am registered, my name is anon-tan.

    • may wanna create a thread or something so we can discuss it from there? Feel free to PM me your MSN/AIM/YAHOO on the forums so we can discuss this through IM if you prefer?

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