Delays, Delays, Delays…

So this chapter was supposed to have been released a week ago (not really, but Vineh only starts translating after the chapter is released so I try to get it out as soon as possible), but sadly our only active proofreader was busy and couldn’t get to it until Sunday. I suspect this to be the norm until another long break comes so we really need proofreaders to help speed things up a bit. No test really, but you do have to be proficient in English and anal enough to call out the tiniest of errors.

I personally only want people who will actually talk and discuss things with the group to join, but hey beggars can’t be choosers. If you can get the job done, then you’re in!

So yeah here’s CH14, next chapter is somewhat filler so no clue when we’ll finish it, but after that is back to some meaty goodness.


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  1. Thanks alot for the chapter. It was a very interesting chapter as it developed Kouhei and Erika’s relationship and I hope romance will follow sometime soon. Also, we got to learn abit more about Erika’s trouble. Looking forwrd to more

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. hm… should i give it a try? it wouldnt hurt and it may help me improve my skills a little… proofreader… hm….hn…hm… but im afraid i dont have too much time… if you are okay with that i would like to have something like a “test” for myself ;)

  4. i don’t have any experience but i am good in English and I’m on the computer when i get home and a lot on the weekend so i can help if you want.

  5. can anyone provide dl link to chapter 1 – 5 for Fortune Arterial?

  6. @ Blacky
    haha it’s blacky XD
    proofreading doesn’t take too long (maybe an hour a chapter) and it since releases are not regular (sadly) it shouldn’t get in the way too much. Well for now join the forum and we’ll go from there (also need to talk about your ‘test’ *sinister smile*)

  7. @Alesana
    There is not much experience required to proofread. you’re main job is to correct grammar and odd punctuation and most importantly; my engrish. We always need an extra hand somewhere so drop down by the forum and say hi :)

  8. @ano
    chapter 1-5 can be found on Mango Scans, which is here

  9. I see that Vineh has this covered…way to go man! =D

    Nice spamming of the comments section too! ;)

  10. each reader is a valuable friend to us… is what I say if we were charging the lot of yous. But nah, you guys are cool XP

  11. 2 volunteers, not bad ^^
    finished the registration

  12. okay i’ll stop by but one question is the forum link on this page and the one on baka-updates the same?

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