The majority of you are probably aware of the currently airing anime for Fortune Arterial. While yes the production values for the first episode are rather high and the episode itself is stellar, I personally believe that the manga will be the better adaptation of the visual novel. If you don’t mind what I would consider an inferior adaptation, then by all means watch the anime. If you want the best adaptation you can get besides reading the visual novel yourself, then wait for our (slow) releases!

Anyway here’s chapter 15…4 pages longer and I think this is pretty much all Kanade route or something? Anyway glad that’s over with so we can get back to some vampire action! Oh and we’d also like to welcome two new proofreaders and 1 new editor to our crew!

Alesana and Blacky are the two new proofreaders and Nura is now in charge of our Honey Coming HQ project. I expect great results from all of them and hopefully they’ll actually get something done. We seem to have terrible luck with people joining and not actually doing much of anything really…Anyway enjoy and see you all next release?


~ by PimpToad on October 17, 2010.

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  1. I’ll have to say it’s not bad, though the choice of VA is rather questionable. The anime is moving pretty fast and not as dramatic as the manga (which take it slows and build up tension) so it might better off watching the Anime after the manga has gone post that part of the plot

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. The manga adaptation being better than the anime adaptation is really nothing new to me, and in fact it seems to be a trend. I will admit though that sometimes it’s the little things that make it a bit more enjoyable too (like the To Love-Ru cameos in Mayoi Neko Overrun!).

  4. I’d rather have more story than something like a cameo appearance. It would be nice if the Fortune Arterial translation project gets revived though…

  5. Thanks for the new chapter!

    I think manga is greater than too

  6. Fortune Arterial is such a good manga! I haven’t watched the anime, but I’m sure manga is better. Just one question: is this series completed or not in Japan?

    • It is still in serialization with the latest raw at 32. I really want to catch up, but sadly we don’t have the resources to pretty much do 16 chapters before the anime ends.

  7. Thank you for the release! Are you going to translate also FA Character’s Prelude?

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