melancholy masochist?

Apparently someone typed that in some random search engine and our blog popped up. I mean yeah there’s a lot of melancholy going on around here (we’re all very depressed), but masochist? I mean I don’t know about the others, but the toad is hard S…though I suppose a little M isn’t all that bad…still hard S though!

Anyway the name of this post should have been Halloween something since we sped things up a bit to get this out on Halloween, but melancholy masochist was too hilarious and here we are. So yeah…FoA16 get! Still advocating not to watch the anime…no way in hell we can match its pace, but stick to the superior adaptation!

Though now it brings us to this subject…release speed. I am personally willing to edit and churn out the chapters as fast as it can be translated, but for that we need another translator or two to pick up the pace. I figure that with another translator, we can probably do a chapter a week (maybe more) and catch up to the latest raw in…4 months. Yeah we are at 16 and the latest is 32. We really need translators right now (JP or CHN) if you all want to be remotely close to the latest chapters.

It took us 6 months to do 11 chapters…maybe we’ll be at chapter 27 come May 2011 if no other translator steps up to help or if Vineh still wants to continue translating by then? Oh well enjoy the chapter! Just be mindful of the amount of time it will take us to finish this manga at our current pace…

Oh right welcome kageKun to our proofreading crew…saved the best for last right?

EDIT: Added the link on the FoA page…well you guys should be used to me messing up something every now and then by this point right? Though to think I’d forget something as important as that…


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  1. seems like we missed a question last post…

    do we want to?…we wouldn’t mind, but it’ll definitely be done at the expense of the main series, which is something we really want to avoid. That is why we need…you know it–translators!!!

    and yes, we’ll continue to nag and beg until we get more translators

  2. Hey guys, you forgot to add the download link for the chapter 16 release of Fortune Arterial.

  3. Whoops guess I did huh? =D

    And yeah was meaning to address that comment on the release post, but chalk that one up to yet another thing I forgot to do?

  4. Thanks for the new release, guys!

  5. Thanks alot for the chapter and please dont sacrifice the main series for the characters prelude. I only care for the main series and story. Characters prelude is just an extra stuff with a different artist and I have read the first 3 prelude chapters, its unnecssary and not really needed. I hope you stick to your policy and I see if I can buly one of my friends to take up translating. lol

  6. Haha no worries! No real plan to half and half the prelude and the main story, which is pretty much all fluff and little substance in comparison to main. But…the art is far superior and the loli…err yeah we’ll stick to the main story! =D

    If one of your friends are interested and have the ability and the will to help out then by all means! We here at NL do not discriminate (we don’t?) and are pretty much a melting pot of various races…or something.

  7. Is there a download for the Japanese raws? I know Japanese at a decent level, and I want to see if I’m interested at all in the forthcoming chapters.

    • You can find them at “” Used to have a tight grip on the raws before they started uploading them to their site =(

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