I’m not a machine!

…which is why FoA18 is somewhat delayed…and I gotta agree with the guy as the chapter is rather wordy. Though with the way we are divvying up the translating workload between the 3, count em 3, translators working on FoA, releases should come on a weekly basis as we get to the flow of things. There’s also the fact that quite the majority of our members are now in exam season (let tears be shed) and as we all know the REAL takes precedence.

We’re also reaching our 50th release (in almost 3 years? what a low amount…) and we’re nearing our 3rd anniversary. No real clue what the hell we’re going to do to make them special, but I suppose expect a release or two?


~ by PimpToad on November 17, 2010.

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  1. i believe you can do it! Gambare neh! yeap yeap yeap x3 kip it up.. i kinda hav an idea on how u guys can celebrate ur 3rd anniversary.. but i’m not sure if u’d be interested.. and yeah.. ixh me, angelcat.. i found ur forum. it’s cute! x3

  2. Sure any ideas will be much appreciated! Sure better than just hey…a release…*yawn*

  3. well, if you’re interested in this kind of stuffs– fan art! maybe.. put up a theme.. like.. Nayuki Love’s Anniversary Theme.. and then let them send their drawing ideas to you guys.. and then u post it on some site for people to rate(most popular was facebook where people can “like” the fanarts.. but.. errm.. i dunno what kind of prizes u can or should give.. since it’s online stuff.. most people would ask for money, that’s true.. errm, what are good prizes ideas that can be given online?

  4. …that sounds like a lot of work :S

    I think it should be a given now that we operate under the general theme of “sloth” so unless someone steps up…yeah no…but nice idea though.


  5. well, u won’t be deciding the winners if u let the people vote.. but i guess thinking of a certain prize is certainly kind of hard. it would have also been nice to see some “AMV’s” aside from fanarts too.. oh well, i guess it can’t be helped.. xDD more power to nayuki love.. seeya!

  6. errm, u still remember that i want to proofread for your group right? xD i’m just a little cautious, in case u forgot. LOL

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