50th GET!

Yeah yeah yeah I said that we would speed up releases, but hey its that time of the year and things come up…but hey at least we still got it out yeah? Anyway this isn’t what this is all about! Today marks our 50th release! Hell yeah 50 in almost 3 years…actually that’s pretty slow, but hey we made this milestone and onwards to 100!

Btw this marks yet another double release for us! Get your FoA and FA fix this Turkey Day!

…you’d think I’d have more to say to mark this occasion…but oh well keep it nice and short I suppose. Oh yeah I guess I’ll add this one now. We have yet added another project we are working on. So that makes 2 projects which we’ve said we’re doing, yet haven’t released yet…guess good old whippy will get some use huh?


~ by PimpToad on November 25, 2010.

9 Responses to “50th GET!”

  1. thank you for releasing translating and releasing all these mangas!
    and i just wanted to notify you that the mediafire link for futakoi alternative is down

  2. Yeah sorry about that…my analness demanded that I reuploaded it with the correct name…even though I could have changed it in mediafire…=D

  3. Thank you very much for this latest chapter.

  4. should I say, congratulations? xD
    great works as always, love you guys! ♥

  5. Thanks for the new releases!

  6. Thank you for FoA and congratulations!

  7. Almost at the home stretch of this year…who knows what we have in store for you guys? (assuming we get off our asses and actually do it)

  8. Thank you for the new releases

  9. ;-;

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