Free CP here!!!!

Lots of things going on in NL HQ with everyone coming back from the exams so here’s another chapter of Fortune Arterial…CP?!  (character’s prelude, not to be confused with…yeah you know).

Well our “finish what we started” initiative has led us to picking up the Character Preludes, which is practically a brief summary about the heroines. A pretty good read so go get em XD!

I suppose we’re growing into quite a community lately with the new members and the IRC and all so come check them out. We’ve got lots prepared for the bday, including the ‘reckoning’ and one more… which those that have followed us since the Honey Coming days may know I reckon ^^

anyway, here’s Fortune Arterial CP 5. Enjoy


~ by vinnii on December 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “Free CP here!!!!”

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. thank you a lot for the prelude!!!

  3. what about chapter 4?

  4. Thanks for the release.

    But I remembered that weren’t there 4 more chapters in the CP tank?

    Reihaidou Rhapsody 1 & 2; Shiro no Himitsu & Seitokaichou no Nayami?

  5. 1-3 is translated by other groups already a while back. chapter 4 is close to being done and should be out soon.

  6. was gonna say something along the lines of “Happy Now, Lisa?” but forgot XP

  7. Honestly I thought it was 10 chapters…who knew it was only 7? o_O

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