On the third day of…festivus!

What you were expecting Christmas?

Anyway here is yet another chapter of FoA! Quite a bit of a cliffhanger too and I can say with near absolute certainty that the next chapter won’t be around for awhile so have fun digesting this one! I say near absolute certainty since hey miracles do happen… I think?

We’ll also be debuting yet another project in the coming day(s) so look forward to it! The reckoning is close upon us…though don’t really want it to come since that means my vacation days are being used up…=(


~ by PimpToad on December 19, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for the quick release of a new chapter!

  2. thank you!

  3. Thanks alot for the chapter…but you guys are cruel, lol ending it in such a cliffhanger

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