Guess who’s back… back again…?! (In time for the "Reckoning" too.)

Highschool of the Dead.

That’s where I’ve been stuck for the whole of 2010, but I’m back! and what a change Nayuki_Love has gone through! What was a three-man team when I joined has grown this much, allowing us to give out faster releases! For me, the only thing I’m gonna say here is I bring you good news from the South-Pole area. We’ve taken up another project… yes I know… ANOTHER ONE, and it is now my pleasure to bring you chapter 06 of “Mangaka-San to Assistant-San to” IN COLOR!

PS. Anyone who has an opinion on the ridiculous law banning manga in Japan, feel free to tell us your opinions at our forum or IRC.



~ by Johnny-Jon on December 20, 2010.