Translator-san to Editor-san to (Proofreader-san to)

The fourth day of Festivus (since that’s what Pimp called it) and we bring you our latest hi-jacked project: Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to!

Not much to say except that this is a Hiroyuki work (known for being the author of Doujin Work and many Tsukihime doujinshi) and a lot of us from Nayuki Love are big fans of his…straight fowardness :)

As said before, this is a high-jacked project and a couple of chapters were already released by another group so refer to mangaupdates if you want to download them or if not  just head to Mangafox or something along those lines The festivities will continue (probably) so expect something soon.

P.S. this is not the reckoning ;)


~ by vinnii on December 20, 2010.