Tripping down memory lane

So yeah Nayuki Love turns 3 tomorrow, I was pretty damn bored so I went back through the blog and stuff…

But I guess I’ll talk about all that tomorrow. Today we’re releasing the 4th chapter of the Character Prelude of our main series which was initially fueled by our competitive nature but now by our desire to see Kouhei and Erika hook up (which probs won’t happen until the very end for all we know) and now that we have 3 translators on the job we can get there 3 times as fast once we can co-ordinate everything but the problem of CBF will probably still plague us till the day we die but hey now that I think about it I haven’t typed a comma or a fullstop for a while… wonder if there was any glaring grammar errors… Anyway, download, read, enjoy, comment and tomorrow is the reckoning

A quick shout-out to Geese who I realized have been with us (and consistently commented) since the Honey Coming days. There are probs many more souls out there who have witnessed our good, bad and lazy times so I thank you all and I’ll see you tomorrow…for the reckoning… which is awesome…and probably  a release page that is like an essay…


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  1. Awesome1 Thanks for the release.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

    Really glad to hear you guys now have some extra translators to help out with things and I’m looking forward to the next chapters.

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